Why ADY Staffing

ADY Staffing is one of the leading job development centres in South Africa, with a track record that exceeds expectations. Founded in 2013, ADY Staffing has a core of highly-skilled and experienced agents to deploy across the wide range of services offered. Working from a central base in Johannesburg, South Africa, our foundation of sustained growth and success has been, and continues to be, built on the following principles.

Our Strengths

  • The professional quality of our performance
  • Integrity, trust and the highest ethical standards
  • The ability to attract top candidates from all sectors of the population in call centre and promotions positions
  • ADY Staffing specialises in call centre training and job assistance
  • Our call centre training curriculum is the most intensive in the local corporate training market

Mission Statement

We strive to impart the importance and benefits of lifelong learning to learners and clients alike.
By offering customised, world-class training and development through innovative training interventions, which are both relevant and meaningful. ADY Staffing and training can open opportunities to exciting new experiences in human capacity and skills development. Ultimately, we enable and empower agents to become a competitive differentiator for companies. Our core focus is to provide clients with value-added training solutions.

ADY Training

Our training is based on the national qualifications framework principles and standards. The ADY Staffing Training Department strives to do the following:

  • To provide our learners with the highest standards of training and assessments which comply to the SETA criteria
  • To provide and enhance services excellence in all aspects of the training department
  • To offer support and assistance to learners and customers
  • To provide clients with innovative and cost-effective training solutions which will empower staff with skills and knowledge needed to increase productivity and add a competitive advantage

ADY Principles

Our policies and procedures in the training department are based on the following principles of compliance, with the objectives of the NQF levels. These are as stated below:

  • Allow access to all individuals regardless of gender, race or disability
  • National comparability
  • A consistent approach to call centre training, liaison with customers and learners
  • Cost-effective quality management system for all aspects of the training department
  • Compliance with legislation

Energetic and productivity-driven call centre agents improve service levels, while friendly agents  work in an environmentally friendly and a fresh atmosphere call centre. We find promotional agents with ability to read, write and speak with an understanding and qualification in their fields. Experienced agents are also available.


In-depth knowledge of the legislation in the skills development field


Involved with skills development


Accredited training provider


ADY Staffing (Pty) Ltd has been operating since 2013


Committed to developing skills within the call centre industry


Promotion of the call centre industry


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