Our Services

Our specialised services and products in skills development are comprehensive and will provide all the necessary skills and essential training for a successful development and integration into the working community.

Course Objectives

The course gives you the ability to understand and implement skills needed in a call centre to succeed.

Course Duration

Monday to Friday: 08h30 – 11h30


Price plan per trainee

Training Certificate: R 750.00
Manual = POE: R 200.00

Total: R950.00

Interviews are arranged to assist trainees in finding employment.

Skills Programmes


The call centre industry


Utilising telephonic sales scripts


Communication skills


Goals and strategies in a call centre customer service


Telephone ethics


Importance of setting concrete goals

ADY Staffing is a SETA-accredited training company, with both trainers and assessors employed full-time. We operate as a centre specialising in call centre training courses in which we cover the professionalism and ability to understand and implement skills needed at a call centre.

The customer perception of a reputable organisation is one that delivers on its promise, provides a personal touch, and does a little bit extra that is unexpected, resolves problems and complaints well. It can no longer be seen solely as a place where agents wait for telephone calls. It has to be broadened to include all points of contact between companies and their customers.

All of our facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of experience in training. Our commitment to all aspects of a call centre is priority, incorporating our extensive knowledge of current labour laws into our training programmes. We are a dynamic company that does not see to placements. We offer the service of recruiting agents and setting up interviews for the specific position (call centre and promotional staff). We then leave the final decision to the company to decide if the agents qualify for the said company’s requirements or products.

We DO NOT discuss salaries or duration, we look at what the company’s requirements are, and the agent’s qualifications are or experience is before making the interview booking for the agents with the companies at NO COST to the companies.


Part of the government strategy – skills development


Promote skills development in the call centre industry


Implementation of skills development in the region


Interviews after completion of training, guaranteed